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This is hard to believe!
It’s hard to believe that God in heaven would intentionally send people into your life that irritate and frustrate you. But he does and He does it for a special reason. Its not so you will be constantly irritated and frustrated and its not so you will show a side of yourself you really don’t want others to see. Its one of Gods ways of measuring how much you’ve grown spiritually. I’m sure it irritated the other disciples when they found out that James and John were trying to get the seats next to Jesus when he sat on His throne. I’m sure it irritated the disciples for Peter to always stand up and give his two cents opinion. I’m sure it was frustrating to the disciples when Thomas was missing in action or that he just had to see the nail scars rather than to believe their word. If you can imagine there was never a man more irritated and frustrated with others as Jesus, but he went to the cross for us. We all have our irritations and frustrations and our solution is for God to send them away. But as I’ve grown some in the lord I’ve found they do have a purpose. Those people who rub you wrong are not only a way of God to measure us but they are messengers of God. They are telling us to “Go to the cross and take it up.” God will be faithful to measure you and send these messengers but we don’t have to live in constant frustration. We can grow in Jesus! is Jesus growing you? Are you reflecting his loving an patient character? is this an area you could use some help in? my hand is raised!
Luke 9:23 
And he said to (them) all, If any (man) will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me….
By this time tomorrow!
This little phrase is a phrase of great hope. To someone desperate or to some who feels they are at the end this could be the lift they need to continue on and allow some hope to rise up in them. It is true that by this time tomorrow everything that has been suffocating your hope could be lifted off of you. I do not say this prophetically but i do say this according to the power of God who we serve. To some the despair has been accepted and believed to be the lot God has for their lives. But if you or someone you know could begin to entertain this possibility, this mustard seed of faith in God, the windows of heaven could open again with refreshing rain for your soul. I must be reminded that God is still on his throne and He has not changed and He sees our desperation. I challenge you to live with this phrase in your hearts today. You are not tempting nor testing God with this thought of hope but you are telling God- “I believe in You and need You to move in my life.” Samaria was in time of severe famine to the point that surviving drove the people to do unimaginable things. The prophet Elisha was blamed but hear what he says to the king. 
2 Kings 7:1- “Hear the word of the LORD! “About this time tomorrow at Samaria’s gate, six quarts of fine flour will sell for half ounce of silver-and twelve quarts of barley will sell for a half ounce of silver.'”- What was believed to be the end was about to change. God is calling you who are in severe famine to let this hope rise in you. “By this time tomorrow.”