Starting September 6th!!!! 
Before you click on link please read: 
We all know that this virtual  learning is new to all of us. As a mom I completely understand how you want to keep your children safe. So I decided to do a Virtual Class well to a point. Its actually recordings of the lesson and worship that I post on here.  As soon as I can figure out how to have a actual virtual setting I will post it.  So first your going to click on the link above. Once you have done that you will be directed to the site. In the right hand side of the page is a PRESENT button. Click it or the slides wont work. The first slide is a Welcome slide that has just general information on it. I ask that you Read the OUR KIDZ MINISTRY VISION first. Then you can click on to the second slide where I have our Sunday morning service posted along with our worship songs. Sunday School will be a video posted for your kids to watch. Hand movements the videos are posted on what to do. Wednesday nights J.A.M class there will always be one song posted along with the trailer of the movie we are using to teach with then the lesson. Our Calendar  I made sure to post not only kid events but the adult events too. Then the event tab tells you what all is happening in Kidz Church. 
if you have any questions please call me Katie Boyett at 318-947-6391 if you can’t reach me you can call Tonya Kyle at 318-871-6292.